BN Jewellers and PGI

BN Jewellers is proud to be the leading manufacturer of platinum jewellery in India. We have been authorized by PGI (Platinum Guild International) and are the market front-runners in the plain platinum jewellery market with an estimated share of 70% of all plain platinum jewellery sales as reported by PGI.

Initially focused on men’s jewellery, BN Jewellers has expanded its purview to encompass exclusive Pt jewellery for all segments. We stay true to our roots, cherishing traditional handmade jewellery whilst keeping a steady pace with cutting-edge technology and innovation from around the world.

The substantial amount invested in setting up machinery for light weight chains is proof of our commitment to quality and excellence.

BN Jewellers has carved another niche for itself – one of manufacturing two-toned jewellery by fusing platinum and rose gold. Explore our collection for the latest and exclusive designs in platinum jewellery.



BN platinum jewellery is a fine mix of first class craftsmanship, excellent design and a keen eye for production quality. Being an exclusive manufacturer cum wholesaler, our focus is also to ensure saleability of the designs we manufacture.

From traditional to contemporary, our team of highly committed creative designers coupled with the best machinery produces thousands of exquisite jewellery pieces every year. Our platinum designs ranges from rings, bracelets, bangles, platinum love bands, pendant sets, necklaces and chains for men and women.

Display Kit

BN Jewellers also provides an exclusive display kit including a mix of our products to help you achieve a higher sales conversion.

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Platinum Exclusive Collection

We constantly innovate and introduce new collections that cater to every market segment. A few of our most popular PLATINUM JEWELLERY collections include:


A unique range of his and her platinum bands, perfect to celebrate true love between the young couples


A fine range of locks for men’s jewellery, offering a unique identity to the wearer. EMO Link is owned as an Industrial Design and Copyright by BN Jewellers.


Translating to “unique’ in Italian, the collection features bracelets and chains. For a modern touch, the collection has pieces enriched with pink gold links.


Two-tone jewellery is widely popular amongst retailers for its look, feel and elegance at attractive pricing. The Orbit collection features a necklace set with bracelet in two-tone metal – platinum and rose gold.


Jewellery that brightens up a boardroom is in high demand. The Florette collection is ideal for office wear and features a pendant set collection with machine made chains available at 3 retail price points – Rs. 35,000, Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 60,000.


BN platinum jewellery range has established an enviable reputation over the years and has now ventured to overseas operations. With over 500 stores in India and a network of highly reputed jewellers carrying our products, our jewellery can be found across the country. Tanishq, GRT, Joy Alukkas, Senco, TBZ, PNG, Malabar Gold and Kalyan Jewellers are some of our corporate retailers. With such a strong network of distribution as our support system, we are set to repeat our Indian success story across the globe.

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